What is GoGetSpace Affiliate Program?
GoGetSpace affiliate program is an easy online money making platform where you can refer your traffics to our website via unique advertising materials of ours. On conversion of each referral, you will earn a percentage of affiliate commission in recurring of the nature of the purchase.
How the affiliate program is beneficial for me?
We are offering you to earn Up to 20% recurring sales commission for each sale of your referral. The steps are very simple,

* Free Signup with our Affiliate.
* Get Advertising materials from your affiliate portal.
* Post the GoGetSpace Ads (materials) in your Website or email your clients.
* Visitor clicks on GoGetSpace Banner.
* Visitor purchases any GoGetSpace Services.
* Go Get Space Pays you up to 20% cash of each sales transactions.
Who is eligible to sign up?
Anyone who wants to earn money can be our affiliate. All you need is to sign up in our affiliate portal and start publishing our advertising materials on your websites, blogs, or share them among friends and family! Your commitment and actions are the requirements we need, nothing else!
When i can withdraw the money?
Pay period is at the third week of the month after tracking the referral. Gogetspace will process affiliate recurring fees for the past month period before this on these dates and issue payments. For example: on January 1st you earn $100 via the Affiliate Programs. The referral fee becomes mature 45 days after we track it or in this case on February 15th. The next pay date is February 21th, so on February 21th you would be paid for these referrals. This time frame allows us to evaluate every order and assess its validity. In the event we are unable to verify the order during this time frame, we may, at our sole discretion, hold your referral fee or cancel the order. Cancelled referral fees will not be reinstated.
How to sign up?
Sign Up is very simple, we don’t need any identification/documents from you. Just simply click on “Sign Up” and fill up the requirements. It’s easy as creating an email address!
How to Promote in next Commission levels?
There are 3 levels of commissions (10 %, 15 %, 20 %). With your first referral sales, you will start earning 10% commissions cash of that sales. On 6th sales, you will be promoted to 15% for all 6 sales. On 11th, you will be rewarded to 20% commissions level for all 11 of them!

* Levels will be reset on the end of each month.
What does recurring commission mean?
Recurring commissions means as long as your referral pays for the periods of service, you will earn continuous recurring affiliate commissions for the periods. This unique residual income let you earn without you even knowing!e.
Is there any withdrawal limit?
You must earn a minimum of $50 before the affiliate account is eligible to withdraw payment.
When & How the Pay Out procedure works?
On each month, within the first 10 days. Payments are sent using the PayPal payment system. For larger affiliates with balances of over $5,000 per month, contact with us for other payment methods at billing@gogetspace.com
What does lifetime cookie storage means actually?
For better understanding lets go through an example here, For say You have published the materials on your traffic networks. Now a referral has clicked on the materials and visited us. So the referrals browser cookie stores your links for the long periods. Probably the referral didn’t purchase but later he/she decided to go for it. Still, your affiliate referral link will count and you will get commissions.
How to get advertising materials? Is it customizable?
After sign up process and the successful activation of your affiliate account, you can get the Advertising materials from your affiliate portal account. We will give you the specific Marketing Banners, Text Links, PDFs, and Email Templates to do the promotions. All these contents are branded according to our company policy. If you want to modify or re-brand contents you may as deemed necessary.